Family & Friends

We know we're lucky, we have the best families and friends.

Our Families

Our families are fun-loving, caring, and supportive. Between the two of us, we have five siblings, eight nieces and nephews, and more than a dozen aunts, uncles and cousins. 


Matt's Family

Fun-loving, kind, open, athletic, energetic

Faves: Big family dinners, swimming at the lake
Funny tradition: Eating seven different foods at Christmas eve dinner - it's good luck!
Summer go-to: Fishing at the lake

Lindsay's Family

Active, honest, funny, creative, consistent

Faves: Playing tennis, going out to dinner for Mexican food
Funny tradition: Serving cranberry straight from the can - lines and all - at Thanksgiving
Summer go-to: Riding bikes on the coast of Maine

Matt and Lindsay have great families that they spend quality time with, and that gave them the foundation on which to build their own great family.
— Patrick, friend

Our Friends

Whether we're chatting over weekend brunch, playing a friendly hockey game, or celebrating life's biggest moments - it's sharing these times with our amazing group of friends that makes these moments special. Our friends couldn't be more supportive and excited about our journey to start a family - we're super-lucky!

(l-r) Lindsay and girlfriends in our neighborhood, Matt and boys in Aspen, Matt and bud walking to the beach, Pat - a great friend and tough scrabble competitor, Lindsay and girls at a wedding, Matt and hockey team at a tournament