About Us

We're a true team - we work best when we're together.

From enjoying brunch with friends, skiing in the mountains of Utah, to navigating the challenges of work and life, we're in it together; and we can't wait to share our zest for life with kids.

With our nieces at our wedding, 2014

With our nieces at our wedding, 2014


Oh hey! I'm Matt...

Athletic, thoughtful, easy-going, and fun-loving

Craves: Italian food
Fave: Playing hockey
Happy place: Stoney lake with the family
Works: Coaches college athletes
Can't wait to: Play like a kid with our kids

Matt coaching at college athletes, joking around at dinner in Italy, celebrating a hockey tournament win with friends


and I'm Lindsay

Creative, active, empathetic, and organized

Craves: Hot chocolate (whipped cream, please!)
Fave: Making funky, modern, seasonal crafts
Happy place: Running in Central Park
Works: Designs apps and websites
Can't wait to: Help our kids with science and art projects

Lindsay sipping hot chocolate, crafting with her little niece, designing mobile apps at work

Matt is silly, fun to be around, and incredibly thoughtful. He’s going to be an amazing father.
— Lindsay

A few snapshots...

About these pics: (l-r) Matt at his brother's wedding, Lindsay after the NYC marathon, Lindsay and our niece at the Nutcracker ballet, Matt skiing with friends in Aspen

of what we're up to!

(l-r) Ice cream in our neighborhood!, Matt and our nieces at the Big Apple Circus, Lindsay and girlfriends at a cafe in our neighborhood, Matt and Lindsay in Aruba

Lindsay is the most positive, energetic, and caring person I have ever met. She is going to be a such a good Mom!
— Matt about Lindsay